What should you expect during the Mortgage Application process?

2) Application E-Mail

Once #1 is understood, I provide my clients with an application e-mail that gets them organized for either their immediate, or future, financing requirements

3) Gather Information

I gather the applicants’ information and structure a file, preparing the file for eventual submission

4) Best-Fit

Depending on the nature of the transaction (purchase, refinance etc.) I determine the best fit, lender-wise, and submit an application on my clients’ behalf

5) Constant Communication

I maintain constant communication with my clients to ensure that they are aware of each step in the transaction and my number one concern is to take the stress out of the process

6) Communicate Approval

Once I have secured what I believe is the best option for my clients’ circumstances, I communicate the approval to my client all the time reminding them that this is their mortgage, not mine, and making sure that they are 100% comfortable and understanding of the terms and the product etc.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work! Hope we didn’t give you too many headaches along the way, but everything you did is much appreciated. I am very happy you were part of this milestone as well, I could tell I was in the best hands available from day one.